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Please breakdown the creditors list. At present it is merging two or three set of accounts code. For example VAT and PAYE are merged on one line but we would like to split it. Please change it.

  • Muhammad Rizwan Anwaar
  • Mar 25 2024
  • We're Taking A Look At This
  • Muhammad Rizwan Anwaar commented
    25 Apr 12:46pm

    While preparing the final accounts for small company under FRS 105 and under the section creditors falling due within one year, it is merging (Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT) all in under one head (Taxation and Social Secuirity). Is it possible to show these separately please?

  • Admin
    Steven Cartlidge commented
    25 Apr 11:58am

    Would it be ok to get a little more information regarding the company type, compliance pack being used and specific section/s on the reports you would be looking to expand on please?

    For example, on a Limited Company, FRS105 we have..

    Under Statement of Financial Position

    • Creditors: amounts falling due within one year

    • Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one year

    (20+ account codes may be in here)