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Additional Depth of functionality for Capital Allowances

No capability to enter purchase of vehicles on capital allowances personal tax online for self employed. Also can't enter WDA b/f balances if moving from 3rd party software to Sage Personal Tax online. (using SfA).

  • Feb 20 2024
  • We're Taking A Look At This
  • Martin Broadwell commented
    19 Apr 10:35am

    This is a must improvement. Gives you a record of additions and disposals. We need an entry table for this. Thanks.

  • Admin
    Steven Cartlidge commented
    20 Feb 01:39pm

    Good afternoon,

    I have changed the title to encourage more users to vote on this idea.

    The depth of this area is limited and does result (depending on requirements and complexity) in users in some cases needing to make calculations outside of the software, with the solution being to only enter the final figures, lacking detail.

    The depth and breadth of this and other areas is on our short lists of areas to focus on soon.


    Steve Cartlidge