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option to exclude other income from the Student loan repayment calculation

Student loan repayment calculation should be based on earned income only, I have a client who received other income from the surrender of a bond and the income figure has been included in the Student loan repayment calculation on Sage which my understanding is wrong.

  • Paul James
  • May 10 2024
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  • Admin
    Steven Cartlidge commented
    16 May 09:30am

    Good morning,

    I have checked with our domain specialist team regarding the compliance here and we have developed around the following guidance.

    CSLM16035 confirms that unearned income of more than £2000 is included in the calculation of total income for student loan repayment purposes.

    As we cannot see the full data file for the relevant client, please reach out to me direct if you need to discuss further. ( )


    Steve Cartlidge