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For not for profit ltd by liability companies it would be useful to be able to amend the Profit/Loss title in the Income Statements to Surplus/Deficit

  • Sharn Easton
  • Apr 17 2024
  • One For The Future
  • Admin
    Steven Cartlidge commented
    24 Apr 01:36pm

    While we are not specifically planning any changes to cater for not for profit companies, we are looking at the ability to change titles.

    Later this year we will be releasing a new defaults & settings area for compliance apps, this is where users will be able to make customisations, set defaults to reduce manual entry repetition and more, it is in this area any customisation or changes such as this would live.

    Is there any other references to profit / loss that you would expect to see if we introduced templates or equivalent to cater for not for profit companies?